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Dear Tami,
Do you remember the first time we met … probably in 1990! – wow is that really 24 years!  You were a shining light among the chaos of managing our properties after Hurricane Hugo.
I served on the Board of Directors for the company you worked for and the Board’s initial job was to find a replacement for the sitting property manager.  Several Board members thought you were too young to do the job, but several of us suggested that we should give you a trial period and a chance to prove your talents.   Well, it did not take us very long to realize that you were the person for the job. 

You did a wonderful job balancing the personalities of the seventy homeowners and caring for all the aspects of property management and beyond!  The entire Board began to see what an asset you were to our property and praised you for handling everything with finesse.   You did a splendid job with the huge responsibility that we had plopped into your lap!  You did such a wonderful efficient job through the years,  that when you moved on to your private real estate business  – the company had to hire numerous people to replace you, plus they had to outsource parts of your duties to other companies.  Things have not been run as efficiently or been the same since.
Knowing that we can turn to you to handle all of our personal real estate and renovation needs makes absentee ownership a dream rather than a nightmare.  Not only is your friendship a good thing for my family, but you are an astute businesswoman that is community minded and works to improve your community. 
Being your friend is a blessing to me and my family.   Your performance in life and your career is to be envied by all that come in contact with you. 
All the Best,
Judy Langley


We have been co-owners of a three bedroom condominium at Pawleys Pier Village for 30 years. Only minor changes had been made except for when Hurricane Hugo caused water damage to rugs and furniture. We knew Tami as the manager for many years, but it was not until she renovated a neighbor’s apartment that we came to know her in another role – contractor.

We met with Tami to explain what we were trying to achieve. New floors, new bathroom, new kitchen, scraped ceilings, added molding, new electrical, new outside doors – those were our wishes. She came back to us with a detailed proposal, listing all costs and a time line. We were very pleased with the suggestions, the budget was approved and we started.

Tami and I talked several times a week, she offered suggestions for kitchen vents, faucets, etc, then sent pictures for our approval. We picked floors, tiles, wall colors, cabinets, granite. We knew what we wanted and Tami and her crew did it perfectly.

The finished product is wonderful. All the work was done in a timely manner, there were no hidden costs, and the workmanship is excellent. The Fowler Co., Inc, has been in the property management business for over 35 years, so we are aware of the ups and downs of painters, contractors, electricians, plumbers. It was a pleasure to work with Tami, to have work done on time and within budget.

My husband and I highly recommend Tami Maro to do your renovations, may they be small or extensive.

Anne C. Fowler


My deceased wife Susan and I have owned a condominium at Pawleys Island Pier Village since 1984. Susan purchased the unit originally and spent a great deal of time there while I was traveling extensively as Vice President or Marketing and Sales for a Fortune 500 company. I became the owner when Susan passed away in 2003 after an extended illness.

Tami Maro began working at PPV in 1990. From the beginning she and Susan became friends and during the last years of her life, Tami was an invaluable resource for Susan helping her manage and rent her condo with great success. Unfortunately for me, Tami left her management position at PPV in 2003, the same year that I became owner of our unit. Our rentals remained good for a couple of years but declined and have never been at the same level as they were while she was the manager.

There have been a number of times that Tami has been a resource for me and I have found her to be very professional and competent. I believe she is a person who works diligently at whatever she undertakes and is an extremely high achiever. From my contact with Tami, I would rate her as Outstanding. I highly recommend Tami Maro.

Joel W. Townsend


I have known Tami for over 20 years. My family first rented vacation condo’s from her at Pawleys Pier Village on Pawleys Island during the years when she managed the property for the Homeowners Association. Then in 1995, I purchased one of the condo units, and Tami was the agent for that transaction. After she resigned from her position at Pawleys Pier Village in 2003, my wife and I stayed in touch with her as friends, and in 2010 we asked Tami to handle a complete renovation of our condo.

In every position where we worked with Tami, she was always honest, professional, and totally trustworthy, with good attention to detail… plus having a great sense of humor. When she handled the renovation of our condo, we were several hours away and could not be there on a regular basis to oversee the work, but we know that Tami was watching every detail, and she stayed in constant touch with us. She actually turned the nightmare of renovation into a fun experience for us.

I have been in the real estate business for nearly 50 years in residential sales and in managing apartment rentals. I have served for the past 6 years on the Board of Directors for Pawleys Pier Village, including one year as Board President. My business background gives me even greater appreciation for the thoughtful and professional service that Tami has offered each time my family has had the opportunity to work with her.

I would not hesitate to offer my highest recommendation to anyone considering working with Tami.

H.B. “Rusty” Hammond